An Eagle At The Next Table

After his long experience in writing, which was crowned with many awards, the Syrian writer Khaled Khalifa returns to himself, and conveys voices from there this time. In contrast to his long novels, which conveyed the suffering of others and their perceptions of life, he puts his own perceptions on the table, and reveals for the first time his thoughts about writing and writers, always adhering to freedom.

Khalifa recalls chapters from his childhood, and from his beginnings with writing, and does not falter when writing about previous stumbling blocks, but rather jumps over them gracefully, looking at the world, as usual, with a mixture of love and contempt.

Book information

  • ISBN: 9786140600911
  • Publisher: Hachette Antoine (2022)
  • Original title: Nisr ‘ala al-Tawelah al-Mojawerah (نسر على الطاولة المجاورة)
  • Original publication date: 2022 (Arabic)
  • Order Arabic:


An Eagle At The Next Table – English cover

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